What is this service all about?

You get your done-for-you podcast guest tour managed by a boutique podcast guest booking agency.
Since 2019, we have worked with 90+ DTC brand founders, service providers, experts and business focused authors.

We’re in the business of connecting great minds that create epic experiences and global impact since 2019.

It was a humble beginning with the founder Mitko Ivanov who started as a freelancer.

Since then an entire agency has been built and we’ve worked with 90+ clients and secured 1,300+ interview invites in the past 4 years.

Who is this service for?

It’s for experts and entrepreneurs who already realized the power of sharing their stories on shows.
People who enjoy being the face of their brand who are already aware of all the benefits.

What are the benefits of launching my own podcast guest tour?

Regardless of thebusiness you’re in, sharing your story on podcasts is a great way to:

  • build your authority / build brand awareness;
  • build trust;
  • build connections with the top people in the industry;
  • and last, but not least, if done right: increase your revenue.

How much do you charge?

A regular campaign is wrapped as a monthly retainer. It’s determined by the number of podcast interview invites the client can accommodate within a month.

Other factors that may influence the fee are:

  • The client’s expectations about the popularity of the podcasts;
  • Their current level of authority (as seen form the hosts’ perspecive);
  • The business they are in (as of September 2023 and thanks to a strategic partner of ours we’re able to offer a campaign for DTC founders where they can get all their money back month after month – if you’re a DTC founder, book a time for a call and ask us how);

It typically goes from $495/month to up to about $3,500/month.

Timing expectations

The campaign setup takes about 3-5 business days on average. Once the setup is done your podcast guest tour is launched. After launching the tour you get your first interview invite delivered within the next 2-5 business days.

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